A fluffy Discord bot for comfy servers.
Please note that Senko is currently in public alpha and as such, some features may be missing or incomplete.

Your personal caretaker

Senko is an entertainment bot crafted to take care of you and your server, aiming to bring the fun and comfiness of her manga straight to your chat.
Armed with a range of features to both spoil and pamper, she shall put a smile on your face and your heart at ease.
Ever feel tired and worn out? Just let Senko take care of you.

Social WIP

One of Senko's primary features is her social system. Users are assigned a unique profile which keeps track of their progress and can be customized with titles, badges, a custom info text, the user's birthday and more.
Additional features to customize user profiles with such as marriage between users or banners are planned.


Ever wondered what it feels like to touch a fluffy tail? Don't wonder, fluff today! Whether it is touching fluffy tails, silly fun commands, image lookups or reactions, anime and manga information or anime airing notifications, Senko has you covered with her entertainment commands.

Minigames WIP

Currently in development, Senko will host an elaborate minigame in which you can interact with her and other members of the Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san cast.
You can join the support server for the latest news regarding this feature.


To lighten your load and aid you in your efforts of managing a Discord server, Senko provides you with a set of moderation tools to help you keep track and stay on top of things.
She offers common moderation commands such as kicking and banning, timed mutes and message pruning. Additionally, you can configure an event log for messages, automated join and leave messages and role assignment.

Actively Developed

Senko is a passion project and in active development. While the development roadmap is large enough to fill a small book, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
If you would like to see a new feature added or want to suggest changes to existing ones, feel free to drop a word or two in the #suggestions channel in the Discord.


Want to see Senko in action first or have questions?
Come join us in Senko's support server and ask away!

See you soon nojya!

Senko on the web.